Jimmy Johns Catering Menu

Discover Jimmy Johns Catering Menu: Wow Your Guests!

Jimmy John’s Catering Menu offers customizable catering bundles, party platters, wraps boxes, and box lunches in Austin, Texas. Their catering options include favorites, JJ’s combos, and originals to cater to your crew’s appetite.

Additionally, you can save money by choosing from party boxes and catering bundles. Jimmy John’s has several locations in Austin ready to provide exceptional sandwich catering solutions for your event. They offer dine-in, take-out, and no-contact delivery services to cater to everyone’s convenience.

Check out their website to view their catering menu and find a location near you.

Discover Jimmy Johns Catering Menu: Wow Your Guests!

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Exploring Jimmy John’s Catering Menu

Discover the variety of customizable catering options at Jimmy John’s. From platters and party boxes to box lunches, there’s something for everyone. Plus, enjoy their freshly baked bread and delicious sandwich options.

Catering Bundles

If you’re looking to cater for a big group, Jimmy John’s offers a variety of catering bundles that you can choose from. With the bundles, you can choose different sandwich combinations that suit your event. Whether it’s a corporate event, a family gathering, or a party with friends, Jimmy John’s has you covered. The catering bundles come with a choice of 10 or more sandwiches, chips, and cookies. You can also add drinks to your order to keep your guests hydrated during the event.

Party Boxes

Party Boxes are a great option for those who prefer individual portions for their guests. The Party Boxes come with a variety of sandwiches with chips and a cookie on the side. You can choose between 12 or 24-piece boxes depending on the number of guests you have. The sandwiches in the Party Boxes are perfect for any occasion, and Jimmy John’s gives you the option to mix and match different sandwiches.

Box Lunches

If you’re catering for a small group, box lunches are a great option. They come with a choice of any sandwich, chips, and a cookie on the side. The Box Lunches are perfect for corporate events and meetings where there’s limited time to eat. They’re also great for picnics or small events where individual portions are necessary. To sum up, Jimmy John’s Catering Menu has something to suit every event or occasion. From Catering Bundles to Party Boxes and Box Lunches, you can choose a combination that suits your taste and budget. Don’t hesitate to place your order for your next event.
Discover Jimmy Johns Catering Menu: Wow Your Guests!

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Discover Jimmy Johns Catering Menu: Wow Your Guests!

Credit: issuu.com


To sum it up, Jimmy John’s catering menu offers a variety of delicious sandwich options that can be completely customizable for your event. From the party boxes to the box lunches, you can choose your favorite sandwiches and wraps and add a tasty side of chips, cookies, and more.

Whether you’re organizing a corporate meeting or a family gathering, Jimmy John’s has got you covered. So, don’t hesitate to give them a call or order online for a hassle-free and scrumptious catering experience.

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