Gossip Coffee Hours

Gossip Coffee Hours: A Scandalous Brew.

Gossip Coffee is a coffee, food, pastry, and cocktail bar located in Astoria, Queens. The staff is efficient and the place has a retro style, offering cold-brew coffee, iced tea on tap, house donuts, rice pudding, and a backyard.

The coffee program is all-inclusive and powered by For Five Coffee. There is a variety of tasty food, including salads, and the ambiance is great. Despite some complaints about the staff, Gossip Coffee is a busy place that is worth visiting.

Gossip Coffee Hours: A Scandalous Brew.

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Gossip Coffee Hours: A Scandalous Brew.

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Gossip Coffee Hours is a fantastic retro-style cafe located in Astoria, Queens. With its eclectic coffee program and delicious food options, Gossip Coffee Hours is a favorite spot among locals and visitors alike. Whether you’re looking to catch up with friends or simply enjoy a cup of cold-brew coffee, Gossip Coffee Hours has it all.

Additionally, the ambiance is great and the staff is accommodating. Make sure to stop by this cozy coffee bar and experience what it has to offer!

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