Chili’s Lunch Hours: Enjoy Flavorful Lunch Delights

Chili’s Lunch Hours in Austin, Texas vary by location. To find the hours of the Chili’s nearest to you, visit their official website or check a local directory.

Chili’s Grill & Bar is an American restaurant that offers Tex-Mex cuisine and dishes influenced by Mexican cuisine. If you’re looking for some delicious lunch, Chili’s is a great option. They offer a variety of lunch specials, including the Lunch Combo with favorites like the Double Burger and Boneless Wings.

Their lunch hours will vary slightly depending on location, so be sure to check ahead of time. In addition to lunch, Chili’s also offers curbside pickup, delivery and no-contact delivery. They have multiple locations in Austin, Texas and can be found in local directories or on their official website.

Chili's Lunch Hours: Enjoy Flavorful Lunch Delights


Chili’s Lunch Hours

If you are looking for a delicious lunch, Chili’s Grill & Bar is a great option. With a variety of Tex-Mex cuisine, American food, and Mexican-inspired dishes, there is something for everyone. But, what are the Chili’s lunch hours? Let’s take a look at the schedule.

Available Monday To Friday

Chili’s lunch hours are available from Monday to Friday. This means that you can stop by for a tasty lunch during the middle of the week. The specific hours may vary depending on the location, but typically the restaurant will open at 11 am and close at 4 pm. Be sure to double-check with your nearest Chili’s to confirm their lunch hours.

Closed On Weekends

Unfortunately, Chili’s is closed on weekends, so you will have to wait until Monday if you are craving their delicious lunch offerings. This is good to keep in mind when planning your meal schedule, so you don’t end up disappointed when you arrive and find out that the restaurant is closed.

Check Your Nearest Chili’s For Lunch Hours

It is always a good idea to check your nearest Chili’s lunch hours before heading over for a meal. While most locations operate under similar hours as mentioned above, there may be some variations depending on the specific restaurant. You can easily check their website or give them a quick call to verify their lunch hours and avoid any potential inconvenience.

Overall, if you are in the mood for a flavorful lunch, Chili’s Grill & Bar is a great option. Whether you are a fan of Tex-Mex, American cuisine, or Mexican-inspired dishes, you are sure to find something tasty on their lunch menu. So why not stop by during their lunch hours and indulge in a delicious meal?

Chili's Lunch Hours: Enjoy Flavorful Lunch Delights


Chili’s Menu For Lunch

Looking for a delicious lunch? Chili’s Grill & Bar has got you covered! Enjoy their wide range of American, Tex-Mex, and Mexican cuisine for dine-in, curbside pickup, or delivery during their lunch hours in Austin, Texas. Check out their menu for lunch specials and combos.

If you are looking for a delicious lunch, Chili’s Grill & Bar offers flavorful and affordable lunch combos available Monday through Friday till 4 PM. The Chili’s menu for lunch consists of a range of options, including burgers, tacos, quesadillas, fajitas, and more.

Lunch Combos

Chili’s Lunch Combos include a variety of dishes that are perfect for a quick and satisfying lunch. Choose from options such as Double Burger, Boneless Wings, Bacon Avocado Grilled Chicken Sandwich, and more. Each combo also includes a side of your choice, such as fries, salad, mashed potatoes, or corn on the cob.

Burgers, Tacos, Quesadillas, Fajitas And More

If you are in the mood for something other than a lunch combo, Chili’s menu for lunch also includes a range of other options, such as burgers, tacos, quesadillas, and fajitas. For burger lovers, try the Classic Bacon Burger or the Spicy Shrimp and Guacamole Burger. If you enjoy Mexican cuisine, try t
Chili's Lunch Hours: Enjoy Flavorful Lunch Delights



If you’re looking for a delicious and satisfying lunch in Austin, Texas, Chili’s Grill & Bar has got you covered. With a menu filled with American classics, Tex-Mex specialties, and dishes influenced by Mexican cuisine, Chili’s is the perfect destination for lunch any day of the week.

From their famous burgers and wings to their flavorful lunch combos, Chili’s lunch hours offer something for everyone. Whether you prefer dine-in, curbside pickup, or delivery, Chili’s makes it easy and convenient to enjoy delicious food and great service. So head on over to Chili’s Grill & Bar and indulge in some of the best lunch specials today!

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