Cava Catering Menu: Delectable Options for Your Next Event

CAVA’s catering menu can be accessed on their website and offers the same fresh Mediterranean fare as their dine-in and takeout options. CAVA is a rapidly growing Mediterranean culinary brand, renowned for its healthy fast-casual restaurant experience that includes customizable salads, pitas, juices, dressings, and dips.

With the option to dine-in, take-out, or utilize their pickup service, CAVA caters to a wide range of customers with varying preferences and needs. In addition, CAVA offers catering services for corporate events, team lunch, and casual gatherings. Their catering menu includes an array of Mediterranean dishes that can be easily customized to fit specific dietary needs, preferences, and event themes.

CAVA’s commitment to fresh, wholesome ingredients and quality service has made them increasingly popular across the United States.

Cava Catering Menu: Delectable Options for Your Next Event


Explore Cava Catering Menu

Discover the delicious and diverse catering menu offered by Cava in Austin, Texas. From Mediterranean-inspired dishes to customizable salads and pitas, Cava has something for everyone to enjoy.

Find Delicious Options

Cava Catering offers a wide range of delicious options that are perfect for any event, whether you’re hosting a corporate gathering or a family celebration. From Mediterranean-inspired dishes to mouth-watering appetizers, Cava Catering has something for everyone. Their menu includes vegan and gluten-free dishes, as well as options for those who prefer meat or seafood.

Variety Of Cuisines

Cava Catering offers a variety of cuisines, including American, Greek, Italian, and Mediterranean, making it easy to find the perfect catering options that suit your taste and preferences. Whether you’re looking for light salads or hearty entrees, Cava Catering has got you covered. They pride themselves on using fresh, high-quality ingredients to ensure that the food is not only delicious but also healthy.

Catering For Different Events

Cava Catering understands that different events call for different catering options. That’s why they offer catering for a variety of events, including corporate events, weddings, birthdays, and other special occasions. They work closely with their clients to create a custom catering menu that fits their event’s theme, budget, and dietary needs. So, whether you’re planning an intimate dinner party or a grand celebration, Cava Catering has everything you need to make your event a success. Explore their menu today and discover the delicious catering options they have to offer.
Cava Catering Menu: Delectable Options for Your Next Event


Convenient Ordering Options

The Cava catering menu offers convenient ordering options for events of any size. Whether you prefer takeout, delivery, or dine-in options, Cava’s Mediterranean-inspired cuisine is sure to please your guests.

Convenient Ordering Options If you’re hosting an event and looking for delicious Mediterranean food, Cava Catering is your go-to option in Austin, Texas. Cava’s catering menu offers options for everyone, from customizable bowls and family-style meals to protein-packed pita sandwiches and refreshing salads. Not only is Cava’s food delicious, but they also provide convenient ordering options that make planning your event easy and stress-free. Let’s dive into Cava Catering’s convenient ordering options. Online Menu Cava’s online menu makes ordering catering for your event a breeze. Browse through their mouth-watering dishes and choose from an array of options. They cater to various dietary restrictions and preferences, including gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options. Cava’s online menu is a user-friendly and convenient way to select and customize your catering order for your event. Pickup and Delivery Options Cava Catering offers pickup and delivery options that are effortless and time-saving. Your order will be prepared fresh and ready for pickup. You don’t have to worry about cooking or prepare food for your event. You can choose between pickup and delivery options that will work best for you. CAVA Rewards Program Cava’s rewards program is another great feature that comes with ordering catering from them. When you sign up for Cava’s rewards program, you earn points every time you place an eligible order. These points can be redeemed for Cava food, beverages, restaurant credit, and percentage discounts at participating Cava restaurants. It’s a great way to save money on future orders and keep coming back to their delicious Mediterranean food. In conclusion, if you’re looking for convenient ordering options for your next event, Cava Catering’s got you covered with their online menu, pickup and delivery options, and Cava rewards program. Order from Cava Catering and enjoy the fresh and unique flavors of the Mediterranean.

Experience Cava Catering Service

Experience Cava Catering Service in Austin, Texas with their diverse and flavorful catering menu. From team lunches to casual gatherings and corporate events, Cava Catering is here to provide an exceptional culinary experience tailored to your preferences. Browse through their menu and order now for pick-up or delivery.

Looking for the perfect catering service with a vast variety of menu options and excellent customer service? Then look no further than Cava Catering Service! Our catering menu is sure to please all your guests, and we have an expert catering team to ensure your event goes smoothly.

Professional Catering Team

Our catering team is well-trained with years of experience in the catering industry. Whether it is a small intimate gathering or a large event, our team will make sure that everything is taken care of. From setting up the catering station to ensuring the food is served correctly, our team will make your event a success.

Customized Catering Quotes

We understand that every event is unique, so we provide customized catering quotes. We take into account your catering needs and event size to provide you with the best possible price. Our team will work with you to ensure all your catering needs are met, making your event memorable for all guests.

Select Locations Available

Our catering service is available in select locations, providing you with the convenience to enjoy our delicious menu items. Be sure to check our website to find out if we cater in your area. We offer both pickup and delivery options to make your catering experience easy and hassle-free. In conclusion, Experience Cava Catering Service at your next event to have a great culinary experience. Our professional catering team, customized catering quotes, and select locations available ensure you have the perfect solution for your catering needs. So, sit back and relax and let Cava Catering take care of everything, delivering an excellent culinary experience.
Cava Catering Menu: Delectable Options for Your Next Event



Cava Catering Menu offers a wide array of mouth-watering dishes you can enjoy in Austin, Texas, and select locations. From Mediterranean-inspired salads to customizable pitas, juices, and dressings, Cava ensures your gatherings, corporate events, or casual gatherings are unforgettable. With their convenient pickup and delivery options, you can enjoy their dishes at any time of the day.

Don’t forget to join the CAVA rewards program to redeem points for eligible purchases. Be sure to check out their catering menu on their website, download it, and book your event today.

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