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Get Energized with Batch Coffee Hours

Batch Craft Beer & Kolaches is a taproom and retail craft beer store that offers Czech-style kolaches with Micklethwait barbecue. They are open from 8 AM to 10 PM and their phone number is (512) 401-3025.

Located in Austin, Texas, Batch Craft Beer & Kolaches is an establishment that is popular among locals and visitors alike. Boasting a taproom and retail craft beer store, along with Czech-style kolaches featuring Micklethwait barbecue, the well-rounded offerings make it a must-visit spot.

The store is open throughout the day, providing ample opportunities for customers to drop by and grab a bite or drink. With its popularity, the store can be a little busy during peak hours, but usually not too busy during other times of the day. For more information, customers can call (512) 401-3025.

Get Energized with Batch Coffee Hours


Batch Coffee House Locations

Discover Batch Coffee House locations in Austin, Texas, USA, and enjoy their delicious coffee with convenient hours from morning 8 am until late evening 11 pm. Find your perfect time to relax and savor the taste of Batch’s signature coffee blends.

Austin, Texas

If you find yourself in Austin, Texas, or more specifically, 3220 Manor Road, you’ll want to stop by Batch Craft Beer & Kolaches. This taproom is known for its craft beer and Czech-style kolaches, often featuring Micklethwait Barbecue. Whether you stop by at 8 AM or 10 PM, you’re bound to find a lively atmosphere with minimal to no crowds.

Other Locations

Though Austin may be the original location of Batch Coffee Hours, there are several locations nationwide that you can visit. Unfortunately, we do not have details on these locations as they vary from store to store. We recommend finding the nearest coffeehouse to you and stopping by for a morning cup of joe or a post-dinner beer. If you’re searching for a cozy coffee house that offers a crafted beer alongside a delicious pastry, look no further than Batch Coffee Hours. Whether you’re in Texas or any of the other locations, you’re sure to find a warm atmosphere and a welcoming cup of coffee.
Get Energized with Batch Coffee Hours


Upcoming Events

Join us for Batch Coffee Hours in Austin, Texas, for an exclusive opportunity to connect with coffee lovers and industry professionals. Learn about the latest trends and techniques in coffee making while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee.

If you’re a coffee lover and living in Austin, you might have already heard about Batch Coffee Hours. It is a local coffee shop chain with five locations in Austin. Batch is more than just a coffee shop. It brings Austin’s community together with its unique ambiance, friendly staff, and events that are open to all. Here are some of their upcoming events that you shouldn’t miss.

Hyde Park Storytelling – Sonder

Batch in Hyde Park has organized a storytelling event called “Sonder” on the last Tuesday of each month. Sonder is a night of true personal stories shared live on stage. It’s an incredible opportunity to listen to different experiences shared by your community members. Everyone is welcome to participate in the event. Just get in touch with the organizers, and you can share your own story or sit back and enjoy the night with a coffee in your hand.

Craft Comedy: Free Stand-up Comedy @ Batch In East Austin

Do you want to spend a night filled with laughter and good coffee? Batch in East Austin has organized a free stand-up comedy night called Craft Comedy. Craft Comedy features some of Texas’s funniest comedians. It’s a monthly event, and you can enjoy it with your friends or meet new people while sipping locally roasted coffee.

L.i Austin / Longhorn Lockpicking Club

Are you interested in exploring the world of lockpicking? Batch on Cesar Chavez is hosting a lockpicking event for the L.I Austin / Longhorn Lockpicking Club. The event is scheduled for March 4th and is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in lockpicking to meet like-minded people and learn more about this unique skill. In conclusion, Batch Coffee Hours offers more than just delicious coffee. They organize several events for their community, making it an excellent place for Austinites to gather, socialize, and learn something new. You can find more information about their events and locations on their website. Don’t forget to stop by and explore what they have to offer!
Get Energized with Batch Coffee Hours



Batch Coffee Hours is a great place to grab a cup of freshly brewed coffee and enjoy cozy atmosphere with friends or indulge in some productive work. With their excellent selection of coffee blends and delicious snacks, this Austin-based coffee shop is perfect for any coffee lover.

Whether you’re looking to get some work done or simply enjoy a relaxing afternoon, Batch Coffee Hours is worth a visit for a quality coffee experience.

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