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Acme Catering Menu: Party Trays & More

Acme Catering Menu can be found on their website, which offers a variety of catering options including deli trays, party platters, and traditional meat and cheese trays. Acme Catering in Austin, Texas is a well-known and professional full-service catering company with a broad range of menu options suitable for all different events.

The company prides itself on delivering high-quality food to its customers and providing an exceptional service that exceeds expectations. Whether you are looking for deli trays, fried chicken or charcuterie, Acme Catering has a menu that can satisfy your needs.

Their website offers easy access to catering options and allows for easy ordering and delivery. Overall, Acme Catering is a reputable and reliable choice for anyone in need of delicious and appealing catering services in Austin, Texas.

Acme Catering Menu: Party Trays & More


Types Of Party Trays And Platters

Acme Catering Menu features an array of party trays and platters that are perfect for any event. Elevate your next gathering with premade sandwiches, dip trays, veggies, traditional meat and cheese trays, and more.

Meat And Cheese Tray

Acme Catering offers a traditional meat and cheese tray that consists of roast beef, ham, turkey, Genoa salami, and your choice of two cheeses. This tray includes sliced bread, petite rolls, and condiments to create the perfect sandwich. The meat and cheese tray is versatile and an excellent addition to any party or gathering.

Premade Sandwiches, Dips, And Veggies

If you want to keep your party simple and stress-free, Acme Catering’s premade sandwiches, dips, and veggie platters are the perfect way to accomplish that. They have a wide range of sandwiches, from classic turkey and roast beef to vegetarian options. The dip trays include hummus, artichoke and spinach, and buffalo chicken dip, among others. The vegetable platters feature a fresh selection of vegetables and choices of dips. These options are perfect for those who want to have a delicious variety of options with minimal effort.

Deli Trays, Fried Chicken, And Charcuterie

If you want to offer a broader selection of food options, Acme Catering offers deli trays, fried chicken, and charcuterie for your needs. They have premade deli trays that consist of meat and cheese selections to create the perfect sandwich. The fried chicken selection comes in a range of sizes to accommodate any size crowd. Charcuterie boards are a great way to elevate your party with the perfect combination of cured meats and cheeses. These options are versatile, catering to different dietary preferences, and perfect for any party.

With Acme Catering’s extensive selection of party trays and platters, you can find the perfect combination of foods for your next party or gathering. These party trays and platters are the perfect way to take the stress out of hosting and ensure that your party is a success.

Acme Catering Menu: Party Trays & More


Ordering And Pricing

Ordering and pricing for the Acme Catering Menu in Austin, Texas are easily accessible through their website. Choose from party trays, deli trays, platters, and more for your next event, and order groceries online or in the app for flexible delivery or convenient drive-up options.

Contact Acme Fresh Market for professional, full-service event catering options.

Ordering Online Or In-person

Acme Catering offers the convenience of both online and in-person ordering to cater to all kinds of customers. You can easily place your order online, select the menu items and delivery or pickup options. The online ordering system is user-friendly and allows you to customize the menu items as per your preference. In case you need any assistance, Acme catering staff is always available to help you. If you prefer the traditional way of ordering, you can visit their location and place your order in person. The staff at Acme Catering is friendly and will guide you through the process, assist you in selecting the best menu items and services for your event based on your budget and requirements.

Catering Prices And Menu Options

Acme Catering offers affordable and customizable catering prices and menu options for every event size and budget. They offer various menu options, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizers, entrees, desserts, and more. They have various menu packages that cater to events such as weddings, corporate meetings, birthday parties, and special events. You can also customize your menu to suit your personal preferences for the event. Acme Catering offers competitive pricing, and you can get an estimate of your catering order by getting in touch with their customer service team. They are transparent with their pricing, and there are no hidden costs. Acme Catering ensures that their prices align with their customer’s budget without compromising on the quality of food and services.

Delivery And Pickup Options

Acme Catering offers both delivery and pickup options for your convenience. You can choose to have your food delivered at your doorstep, or you can also opt for a pickup service. The delivery option comes with an additional fee that varies according to your location. If you choose to pick up your order, it is available at their location at the specified time and date. They ensure that the food is packaged and labelled correctly, making it easy for you to distribute at your event. In conclusion, Acme Catering has an array of menu options, competitive pricing, and hassle-free ordering and pickup or delivery options. Contact them today to plan your next event with their excellent catering service!
Acme Catering Menu: Party Trays & More



Acme Catering offers a variety of menu options for any event or occasion. From party trays to deli trays, fried chicken to charcuterie, Acme Catering has got you covered. Their traditional meat and cheese tray is a must-try, along with their premade sandwiches and dip trays.

Contact them today for professional and full-service event catering in Austin, Texas. Elevate your next event with Acme Catering’s delicious and high-quality food options.

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